Skiing should be simple.

At least in that moment when it all comes together and you are floating effortlessly through fresh snow. This is the moment that we seek out. This is the moment we build skis for. We worry about camber and sidecuts and 1 degree edge bevels so that you don’t have to. We build each pair just for you, based on who you are and how you ski.

Your job is to go skiing.




The Kingswood Story.

Alex Herbert started Kingswood Skis after years at the repair bench. It was the late 90s. Fat skis were scarce. And Alex was disappointed by existing ski construction. Eventually, he took matters into his own hands. The first step was to take his favourite (and only) pair of skis and cut them into 86 pieces. He was committed.

The first press was made from two pieces of rolled steel sandwiched together with car jacks. Though the start was rough, the aim has always been to make the best skis possible. The hard part wasn’t making a ski… it was making a great ski. That took three more years.

The search for perfection continues. New shapes are constantly added and old ones tweaked. The process is continually improved.

Alex still makes each pair himself and runs the business with his wife Kris. “We have no aspirations to be giant – just to be great,” Alex says.






Not always. But in this case, yes.

What makes Kingswood great? It’s personal.

Each pair of Kingswood Skis is made by the company founder just for you. Alex is not an engineer. He’s terrible with numbers. And slightly dyslexic. But he has a sixth sense for ski design – there’s no other way to explain it. Alex is a craftsman. He refuses to compromise on materials, and he’s always looking for a way to make better skis. This is what makes Kingswood great.

It’s been just over 12 years since the first Kingswood prototype was cracked from the mould. We’ve come a long way in that time, but some things haven’t changed a bit. We still choose only the best materials for our skis. We still champion simple, solid construction. And we still love watching each pair take shape and be passed into the hands of their new owners.


The SMBs are (quite frankly) the best skis I’ve ever used. They handled the piste just fine and were superb in the powder.

Toby, on SMB

They will now be a ski that I will go to more often than not.

George, on Rocketype

The ski for the day is the Kingswood SMB – oh wait, that’s the ski for every day.

Broken River Snow Report, on SMB

I took my SMB’s to Cragieburn today and was so blown away by them. Keep doing what you’re doing. Kingswood rocks.

Dylan, on SMB

As I shuffled through town to the supermarket via the wine shop there were numerous positive comments. One local powderhead even volunteered (approvingly) info on their pedigree!

Mark, on SMB

It’s a terrible snow year at Ruapehu but I’m having some of the best skiing I’ve ever had thanks to the skis.

Hamish, on Archetype

Let me say how blown away I was with the mega fats. So easy to blow over all the brush sticking out and super easy to turn in the tight stuff. Super impressed with how they handled the hard pack too.

Rene, on Megafat, Japan

I found myself taking them from the rack every morning and leaving my other skis behind.

George, on Rocketype

Just had another epic overseas trip with the Kingswoods, this time to Japan, Hokkaido. The Kingswoods are in their element. Great conversation starter with fellow Kiwis. So chur for bringing such sick skis to this world.

Simon, Japan

To say it simply: Absolutely the best we ever had on our feet!

Fritz, on Skinny

Stoked with the performance – cut through the heavy stuff with no problem and still nice and responsive when the terrain gets tight.


I think these skis are now the most beautiful piece of equipment I own… they are now resting very nicely in a prominent corner of my home office. I stare at them for long periods. We are developing quite a love affair.

Patrick, USA

I never thought that I could make turns like the ones I did in deep powder! Forget all the skis from Bogner, ZAI, ATOMIC and other “exclusive” brands. KINGSWOOD SKIS are made for real skiers!

Fritz, on Skinny

They’re fast, responsive and the stiffness is spot on.

Hamish, on Archetype

They have the stiffness of a GS ski, can be thrown into the short turns like a slalom ski and take off like the proverbial!

George, on Rocketype

The mega fat is such a good ski it’s humbling. Exceptional in the pow, even better when it’s variable snow and they carve well enough on piste to rail high speed GS turns. They are my most prized possession.

Sam, on Megafat, Japan

These skis are wonderful. I love every single thing about them…

Patrick, USA

Now that I know they ski well on piste and how much fun they are in the softer snow, I don’t think I’ll go back to my narrow, conventional carving skis again this season. Thanks for making such a satisfying and enjoyable pair of skis.

David, on Archetype

Far from the compromised experience of a wide ski on hard pistes that I was expecting, I was hugely impressed with their performance.

George, on Rocketype

It’s stiff enough to hold its own on the groomed or packed stuff, but where it showed me the most love was in the steep soft stuff, it skied super stable, but when I wanted to scrub speed or throw it round a bit, it let me be in control. I have never seen this in a ski before, normally I find them stiff and unforgiving, or soft and floppy in the steeps, but the Kingswood has the best of both.

Jake, on Megafat

In short, they are awesome. I have never been more confident in untouched snow, and am amazed at the variety of turn shapes the skis can hold in those conditions. I love the stiff feel and pop that the skis have when you want to throw them around.

Evan, USA

I thought I would really only use my Archetypes on those rare powder days. Despite this I thought I’d see how they would go on the hard packed artificial snow. I enjoyed them so much I spent the remaining six days on them.

David, on Archetype

The nimbleness for a fat ski was a real surprise. Rebound was good making it a lively ski for this width. The Kingswood for me was instant liking. Turned well in the chutes and certainly stable at speed. It gripped surprisingly well for its width.

Frosty, NZ

Put them on edge and they will carve in hard pack and flex nicely in the turn so that sharper carving turns are possible. In the softer, fresher snow they are more fun than conventional carving skis as they surf over the top rather than sinking and slowing down into the softer snow.

David, on Archetype

I immediately realised that this was a ski that meant business.

George, on Rocketype

Absolute bomber construction, impeccable finish, sweet riding skis.

acpowman, TGR forum post

I wish I had these things years ago. We had a pretty low snow pack for Japan but the skis made it so easy to blow over all the brush sticking out and super easy to turn in the tight stuff.

Rene, on Megafat, Japan

I’ve skied most of his skis since the early days of production and I can honestly say they are some of the best skis on the market.

skier666, TGR forum post

If you’re looking for a solid, stable soft-snow ski that is strong on edge, planes well, and is easy to pivot, then I would be shocked if you are disappointed in the SMB.

Blister Gear Review, on SMB

I fell in love with you in New Zealand last year. I have been dreaming about the moment we are re-united once more (even though we have never truly met) and I can propose. I promise to be nice, yet push you down large cliffs, sweet, yet abuse you vertically (and occasionally horizontally…). Come here Rocketype, let me touch you. Just don’t tell my wife.

Anon, on Rocketype

I spent the weekend in Fernie BC with some friends, and we went cat skiing. My skis were awesome! I have a pair of your Rocketype’s, and I was blown away. I’m looking forward to another set – I love good quality. Keep up the awesome work!

J G, on Rocketype