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Rocketype: An all-over trooper – Available in 154cm, 164cm, 176cm, 186cm, 192cm


The Rocketype has become our most popular ski. That’s because it’s so incredibly versatile. Even if you imagine yourself skiing nothing but powder, the reality is sometimes what the resorts like to call “packed powder”. The Rocketype’s job is to make the most of all the crazy snow conditions, regardless of their silly names. (Phew, we wrote that without using the term “all-mountain”. Whoops.)

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Are you ready? Let’s get these babies on your feet:


Would you like upgrade to our full carbon construction?

A full carbon pair of Kingswoods is our most epic set-up. We sandwich our bamboo core between two 500g/m2 carbon fibre sheets, and of course use the same thick edges and base material. The result is a highly-responsive, incredibly stable, yet very light ski (20% lighter). The flex will last forever and the feel is sublime.

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Dimensions: 118/95/104mm
Sidecut radius: 18m
Average weight for standard flex: 1 500gms

Dimensions: 124/95/107mm
Sidecut radius: 17m

Dimensions: 131/108/126mm
Sidecut radius: 20m
Average weight: 1800gms

Dimensions: 145/112/136mm
Sidecut radius: 18m
Average weight: 2250gms

Dimensions: 157/118/143mm
Sidecut radius: 19m
Average weight for standard flex: 2300gms


Techy stuff:

A three point radius with a tapered tip and tail allows for a good amount of sidecut without being too wide at the tip and tail. This makes this ski more buttery and easier to turn with a “less hooky” feel.

Tip and tail rocker mean the skis turn easily even on hard snow.

These skis are made with:

– Bamboo core and sidewalls
– Black sintered bases
– Textured, sublimated topsheet
– Toughened steel edges
– Tri-axial fibreglass



I immediately realised that this was a ski that meant business.

Anon, on Rocketype

I fell in love with you in New Zealand last year. I have been dreaming about the moment we are re-united once more (even though we have never truly met) and I can propose. I promise to be nice, yet push you down large cliffs, sweet, yet abuse you vertically (and occasionally horizontally…). Come here Rocketype, let me touch you. Just don’t tell my wife.

George, on Rocketype

I spent the weekend in Fernie BC with some friends, and we went cat skiing. My skis were awesome! I have a pair of your Rocketype’s, and I was blown away. I’m looking forward to another set – I love good quality. Keep up the awesome work!

J G, on Rocketype

They have the stiffness of a GS ski, can be thrown into the short turns like a slalom ski and take off like the proverbial!

George, on Rocketype

Far from the compromised experience of a wide ski on hard pistes that I was expecting, I was hugely impressed with their performance.

George, on Rocketype

George, on Rocketype

I found myself taking them from the rack every morning and leaving my other skis behind.

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