Love after a long wait…

By kris kingswood 11 months ago

We’re happy to have any of your feedback in our inbox, but this sort of stuff is what really keeps us going:

“I thought I’d write to you with some feedback on the Rocketype ski I purchased from you back in 2013 but never got to ski until a few weeks ago.
I took a trip out to Niseko and packed two pairs of skis. I wasn’t expecting the Rocketype to approach the performance of my other skis, taking them along more from an inquisitive perspective, fully expecting to use them for just 1 day and then Ebaying them upon my return home.
Well, how wrong was I! During my trip, although I probably skied pow for perhaps 10 of the 17 days I was there, Niseko hasn’t had the usual abundant and regular falls the place is known for. On the earlier, drier days I started to use the Kingswoods. I immediately realised that this was a ski that meant business and far from the compromised experience of a wide ski on hard pistes that I was expecting, I was hugely impressed with their performance. They have the stiffness of a GS ski, can be thrown into the short turns like a slalom ski and take off like the proverbial! In fact, their performance on the no/low snow days was far more enjoyable and impressive than my other pair.
Rather than using them for just the 1 day I was expecting to, I found myself taking them from the rack every morning and leaving my other skis behind. When the snow came I continued to use them and found that they were just as capable in the deeper stuff. I did find that when getting to the 15-20 cm amounts of snow you have to be right on them since they are perhaps not as forgiving (or soft) as my other skis. But that’s not a bad thing, since it forces you to ski properly and not be slack with your performance. All in all I think they offer more versatility and dare I say it, more fun.
To my great surprise at the end of the holiday I realised that I had used the Rocketype for more days than the other skis. My mate who spends numbers of months a year in Niseko was very impressed with them – performance and finish, suggesting that they are the best looking pair of skis that he has seen. He even said that if he owned them he wouldn’t ski them, instead stick them in a case on the wall! I have the harlequin top sheet that you once produced and received a lot of glances and thumbs up!
I’m now back in the UK and most definitely will not be selling the skis. They will now be a ski that I will go to more often than not.
Thanks again for all your help with answering my questions and for producing such a fantastic ski. Keep up the good work!”
– George
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