KINGSWOOD FRIENDS: Simon Guthrie jumps off stuff

Simon Guthrie is a freeskiing, set-building, fire-fighting, base-jumping lunatic with more metal pins in his body than a 1967 Holden.
By kris kingswood 4 years ago

Quiver: SMB, Rocketype

Currently employed by New Zealand Fire Service, Si spends his spare time sneaking around looking for tall things to jump off. He’s a skydive cameraman, loves riding his new mt bike and has his eyes on wing suits. Now that a giant metal rod has been removed from his leg, Si should be able to spend more time up the mountain this year on his SMBs or his Rocketypes.

Si has so much energy that we feel tired even thinking about his lifestyle, but we admire his relentless dedication to wringing every drop of fun out of life.

the one 2012 from Paul Morton on Vimeo.

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