KINGSWOOD FRIENDS: Adventurer Geoff Browne

By kris kingswood 3 years ago

GEOFF BROWNE, 50, SPRINGFIELD, NZ Browny has been a friend of Kingswood Skis since it was just a sparkle in our eye. An electrician by trade, ski bum by design, Browny is a non-stop ideas man and a champion joke teller. Browny knows the club fields like the back of his hand. He’s always up for a roadie or a mission and is valued for his commitment to safety. Browny’s best (clean) ski jokes: Q: what is the difference between a snowboard and an onion. A: You tend to cry when you cut an onion in half… Q: how many ski-instructors does it take to change a lightbulb ? A: 7 – one to change it and 6 to stand around and say “nice turns, nice turns ,nice turns”

Watch Browny’s close encounter with an avalanche:

Some good ol’ boy sled necking in Canada…

..and powder turns in Japan.

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