WeSki: Tom Dunbar from Amuri to the Alps

December 10, 2017
Tom Dunbar is the classic Kiwi boy, who grew up on a farm and refuses to brag about his achievements – like the fact that he was shoulder tapped to be an All Black in high school. Tom chose to chase his dreams on the peak – not the pitch – and used competitive skiing as a way to

Skier’s life: the powder clause

July 18, 2017
It’s Tuesday evening and it’s puking up there. Wednesday’s forecast is for bluebird conditions and 30cm of fresh. But there’s a desk in a cube farm with your name on it. We caught up with Paul Swettenham of Sunstone Recruiting to find out how to break the weekend warrior cycle and get more

Think about it: Rubbish

May 31, 2017
Part 5: Waste not, warm not Waste and climate change might seem like two different things. But every time we throw something away, a new one probably has to be made.  That takes energy. And most of our energy production still relies on fossil fuels. So before we can use less energy, we have to

Think about it: Population

May 29, 2017
Part 4: Overpopulation and David Attenborough’s feminist solutions A few years ago, David Attenborough described humans as “a plague on the Earth”. The world’s population has tripled in his lifetime already. Here’s where we are right now: How did we get here?

Think about it: Sea level rise

May 28, 2017
Part 3: Rising seas and signs of sparkle Sea level rise may be the most tangible effect of climate change we’ve got. Especially if you’re from Tuvalu. It’s a metric we can all understand and scientists have been able to model how much sea level rise relates to each degree of warming.  

Think about it: Fire

May 26, 2017
Part 2: Humans and Fire What are human’s most significant achievements? According to Charles Darwin, they are language and fire. Staring at a fire is one of the simple pleasures in life. It’s primal. It’s meditative. Language we may have been able to live without. But not fire. No primitive

Think about it: Jellyfish

May 17, 2017
When it comes to global warming, skiers should be paying attention. We’re using our latest topsheet range as a conversation starter for issues that affect our planet. These are things we think about – things that matter to us. What do you think about? Part 1: The future belongs to the

Love after a long wait…

April 17, 2017
We’re happy to have any of your feedback in our inbox, but this sort of stuff is what really keeps us going: “I thought I’d write to you with some feedback on the Rocketype ski I purchased from you back in 2013 but never got to ski until a few weeks ago. I took a trip out to

199cm Megafat gets a shape tweak

March 1, 2017
In time for our recent Japan trip, we thought we’d play around with the 199cm Megafat. After years of loving the side-cut of the SMB, we thought we’d try out a super-sized version – and build it with full carbon construction to keep the weight down. The new, 199cm Megafat measures

You know you’re in Japan when…

February 28, 2017
Kingswood Skis goes deep into Japanese powder and culture on a ski testing trip with Snow Culture

Fat Cantab magazine in fancy new digital format

February 26, 2017
Our dear old friends at Fat Cantab: The Journal of Cantabrian Freeskiing have gone all high-tech to bring their cheeky goodness to the masses. Now, for your reading pleasure, every riveting pixel, without wasting any trees. Issue 1: The first Issue 2: Now 25% less

One percent for charity

January 16, 2017
Kingswood is proud to give to the One Percent Collective. They pass 100% of donations on to charity. This year, we’ve been supporting the great work done by Sustainable Coastlines to keep our coasts clean and Inspiring Stories work helping young New Zealanders to take the world’s

Your skis help save NZ rivers

January 15, 2017
Slashing a powder turn. Catching a wave. Diving into a fresh blue river. These are all expressions of the same way of living – making the most of what nature has to offer. You can’t help but love these places when you spend time in them. The sorry state of New Zealand’s rivers

Somewhere in New Zealand

July 11, 2016
A snapshot of life at Mt Olympus – the playground of the gods – and our playground too. Video credit: ManInYourHead   A ski field in New Zealand from Kingswood Skis on

WeSki: Mike Brown gets more face shots

July 11, 2016
Four years ago, while riding his skateboard down a hill, Mike Brown’s body collided with a car. His spine snapped. His life changed forever. This accident, crashing into the middle of a life full of surfing and sailing and mountain climbing, seemed like the end. But a broken back wouldn’t keep

From the archive: Commitment in 86 pieces

May 31, 2016
So the story goes like this: Alex wanted some fat skis but they were hard to get, so he decided to make his own. He had one pair of skis, which he quite liked, so he borrowed a drop saw and cut them into 86 pieces. He was committed. Alex glued these pieces onto a bit of plywood and started to work

#kingswoodskis on Instagram

May 22, 2016
What are you up to with your Kingswood Skis? Tag us on Instagram and you’re images will show up here.

IN THE NEWS: Kingswood celebrates 10 years

September 7, 2015
Ten years on, thousands of earthquakes and a global financial crisis later, The Press looks back on our highs and lows… For the full article visit

GALLERY: Kingswood Factory

September 3, 2015
A look inside the Kingswood

VIDEO: Behind the scenes

September 3, 2015
Each pair of Kingswood skis is hand-made to order by company founder Alex Herbert. A craftsman and perfectionist, Alex takes each pair through a unique construction process he has developed over more than a decade of ski making. Kingswood skis are made using a traditional, solid sandwich

KINGSWOOD FRIENDS: Sam Masters inspired the Megafat

September 3, 2015
QUIVER: SMB, Megafat, Archetype Sam has many interesting aspects to his personality and they all love to ski, which is why he has devoted his entire life to the pursuit of powder. Editor, photographer, writer and filmmaker, Sam is a creative genius and generally entertaining human being. Sam was
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