From the archive: Commitment in 86 pieces

By kris kingswood 2 years ago

So the story goes like this: Alex wanted some fat skis but they were hard to get, so he decided to make his own. He had one pair of skis, which he quite liked, so he borrowed a drop saw and cut them into 86 pieces. He was committed. Alex glued these pieces onto a bit of plywood and started to work out how they were made. He measured the core thickness, poked at the fibreglass layers, made his best guess at what was sandwiched in there and why. And then he had a go himself.

Alex’s mother tells us that he always liked taking things apart. Toasters. Radios. He didn’t always get them back together right. She also likes to tell the story about how he didn’t get into an industrial design course because he was windsurfing and turned up late to the interview.

You win some, you lose some, I guess.

We’ve still got this funny little relic. It reminds us that a bold action can be the catalyst for doing something.

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